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Streamlined software puts all eggs in one basket

Software created by Meantime for a small Cumbrian business has allowed it to streamline multiple off-line database systems into one single web-based operation.

screenshot of Eggbase systemEggbase, based in Sedbergh in Cumbria, provides production management software to egg producers. The system was written in Microsoft Access, with each customer having their own individual local installation. The success of the system has resulted in a huge number of installations on farms around UK, creating a large maintenance requirement on multiple sites. With even the simplest changes to the software being installed in each copy separately, this was proving to be a real barrier to expanding the business.

Eggbase’s managing director, Anne Fleck, tasked Meantime with redeploying the system to the web, rebuilding it in form of ‘software as a service’ and allowing many users each access a single of the software, each with their own unique log-in area to ensure data protection.

As well as solving the issues that were preventing expansion and making maintenance far simpler, this model also allows full back ups of the data to be taken nightly, providing an invisible and valuable additional service to Eggbase customers. And as the new software will be deployed in Meantime’s ‘cloud’ the system can grow with the business, avoiding any performance and storage issues.

Fenner Pearson is Meantime’s managing director. He says: "This is an excellent example of how we can take existing systems that are successful in their own right and redeploy them in a way that bring huge benefits to the businesses that own them and enable them to achieve further growth".

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