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Heathrow reaches volunteer target

Early in 2011, Meantime was commissioned by Heathrow airport to build their Team Heathrow website to encourage members of the public to volunteer to help out at the airport during the Olympic Games.

Team Heathrow websiteThe site included a registration form for people who were interested in taking part. This month Team Heathrow reached their target of 1000 volunteers.

Louise Illingworth, the web developer at Meantime who was responsible for design, said "I’m really pleased that we had a part to play in this success for Heathrow. While the design looks pretty straightforward, it had to comply with both the W3C and the Disability Discrimination Act. All our sites do but I felt we were really under scrutiny for this one!"

In addition to taking the volunteers details, a bespoke management system behind the website also managed the volunteers’ training and communications to them from the administration staff at Team Heathrow.

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