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Technology? We’re one step ahead.

Here at Meantime, we’re lucky to have a team of developers that live and breathe technology. Never content to go with the flow, they’re on a continuous quest to find new and improved ways of working.

Whether it’s creating databases capable of processing millions of pieces of data in seconds (or less), designing phone applications that enable councils to direct street-cleaners to broken glass as soon as it’s reported, or programming code that helps keep airports operational, our developers never stop developing.

As a company, Meantime invests a huge amount of resources in training and development, but what makes our team different is the fact they do this stuff for fun. They’ve grown up playing with Commodores, tinkering with Spectrums and taking apart anything with a plug to see how it works.

It’s not 9-5 at Meantime – it’s a way of life.

Because everything we build is bespoke, you might not see exactly what you need. If that’s the case please get in touch. We'd be happy to discuss how we can help you to take the first step to cutting costs and growing beyond all expectations.