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Introducing the JukePi

Our resident Raspberry Pi expert Paul has been busy playing with his favourite new toy researching potential uses for this versatile little piece of hardware, and has come up with an idea that’s music to our ears. Actual music. In our ears.

JukePi;Weary of battling against the office ‘juke box' (a slightly worn out desktop PC), Paul was convinced his £20 Pi could do a much better job. So, taking into account that we use Spotify to stream our music from our cloud servers, Paul found a software solution called Mopidy that creates a music server that connects to Spotify. With a bit of coding here and some Javascript there, before we knew it he’d created our very own bespoke music playing machine. Paul’s sound solution connects to Mopidy and allows anyone in the office to queue tunes on the juke box, see what's already playing and search artists and albums direct from Spotify. It’s music to our ears.

We’re not all as clever as Paul, but it just goes to show what you can do with a basic hard drive and a bit of imagination.

Because everything we build is bespoke, you might not see exactly what you need. If that’s the case please get in touch. We'd be happy to discuss how we can help you to take the first step to cutting costs and growing beyond all expectations.