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The kids are alright

Now that Meantime’s developer Jack is a local celebrity, we thought it was about time we introduced him to some of our clients.

Jack’s come on in leaps and bounds since he answered our call for local talent back in November, and under the watchful eye of our technical director Steve he’s proved himself worthy of some client coding work. We’re very happy to report that Jack’s lived up to all our expectations and delivered some excellent work, more than proving our point that you don’t need a degree to do IT.

Meanwhile, former Dragon’s Den star and the government’s new ‘social mobility tsar’ (no, us neither) James Caan has suggested parents shouldn’t help their children find work, despite employing his own daughter. We’re going to do as he does, not as he says, because Fenner’s 20 year old daughter Hannah is with us in the office part-time during the holidays after completing the first year of her law degree. She’s an absolute delight: hardworking, efficient and an asset to have around (did I get that right Dad?).

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