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Fancy a slice of our Raspberry JukePi?

We recently told you our resident Raspberry Pi expert Paul had created an office jukebox from his beloved do-it-yourself PC hardware, swiftly followed by an electronic judge to monitor our music choices.

Without going into too much technical detail, Paul did all this with the aid of Mopidy, a music server which can play music from multiple sources. Paul being Paul, rather than simply utilising the available tool, he made changes to the software which allowed everyone in the office to access the JukePi simultaneously, rather than just having a single standalone jukebox program.

Not being ones to keep all the good stuff for ourselves, we open-sourced the software and in the process discovered some room for improvement within Mopidy itself, so we contributed our findings to the Mopidy community to make the experience better for others.

And, as is the nature of those in the online developer world, we also made our JukePi available to other users and are delighted to note that it’s been adopted by a number of other people. Some have even gone on to create their own weird and wonderful creations with the JukePi at their core.

If you’d like to create your own JukePi the open-source software is free to download here:

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