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Our developing team just keeps on developing - welcome Tom!

The latest addition to our ever-expanding team is Tom Wilkinson, who’s joined us as a developer.

Tom’s had a long and varied career in all things web-related since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in networking, and has been freelance for the majority of his career.

"I’ve worked across the board in web and digital marketing,” he says. “Until recently, I covered the whole remit from site build to design, SEO and digital marketing. As time’s gone on, though, I’ve found myself leaning more naturally towards the development side of things so that’s where I want to focus my talents."

When he’s not creating websites, Tom can be found creating a nursery for his first baby, due in August. A Lancaster native, Tom shares our love of nature and spends the rest of his free time pottering around his allotment.

"It’s early days, but I’m really enjoying finding my way around all Meantime’s systems and focusing on the developing side of things," he says. "I’m very much looking forward to specialising in this area and doing some great work for Meantime’s clients."

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