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Meantime secure with ISO27001 re-audit

The world, judging from Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance in front of the US Congress, is waking up to the importance of information security. The how, why and where personal details are used affects us all in this increasingly connected online world. It ought to be a topic everyone is addressing but sadly only 1% of companies care enough to achieve the all-important ISO27001 certification.

Thankfully for our clients, Meantime is comfortably within that 1% and have been for years.

ISO27001 means that every aspect of how data is handled - from paper to digital - is secure. It’s a mark of how trustworthy a company is and the standard is set high. But even once it’s been achieved, maintaining it is a challenge.

Meantime recently were put through their three-yearly recertification audit to check whether those standards were still being upheld - and of course, they were.

That we had no concerns over the outcome of the recertification audit is down to the fact that we’ve built security into the day-to-day ethos of the company. Records and other evidence of ongoing compliance with our ISO27001 policies and procedures are maintained every step of the way and supported by monthly security meetings chaired by our information security manager, Martin Winetrobe. Martin also chairs six-monthly management reviews and ensures we are prepared for our annual surveillance audits just to be sure that nothing slips the net.

These procedures give us the confidence that our physical and digital trail is there to prove effectiveness. The ISO27001 recertification auditor declared herself to be impressed with all the procedures, something we are happy to pass onto existing and prospective clients who need this assurance as never before.

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