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Smile please - it’s time for the Meantime mugshots

With it being our tenth anniversary year, we decided it was time we got a few snaps for the family album. We invited Steven Barber, an ex-press photographer who is now resident around these parts, to spend the day with us and capture us in our natural environment.

Being a real pro, he’s managed to make us look half decent. We love working in our open plan office overlooking the River Kent, and Steve’s really brought out its best features. With us being IT geeks catching us at our best requires a lot more technical skill, but we think he’s done a grand job.

We're using the images to bring our website to life and give you a glimpse into our little world. We’ve also got some stories we’d like to shout about as we do some very interesting work from our little corner of Cumbria and the images Steve captured in and around Kendal will look very nice indeed nestled in the pages of the business press.

Paul’s over the moon that his electronic baby the JukePi is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. We’ve been invited to release it as an official web client for the Mopidy project (Mopidy is the software JukePi runs on) so soon you too could be using our office jukebox to liven up your workday. JukePi is open source software and can be downloaded at

Our senior systems analyst Martin is senior in more ways than one now that he’s got his fiftieth birthday under his belt. With him being the thrill-seeking livewire we all know and love, we bought him a Red Letter Day experience as a gift. We may or may not be employing sarcasm with our description, so we’ll leave it to you to wonder whether he chose the bungee jump or the river jazz cruise.

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